Epson Device Admin

Easily manage an entire fleet of printers and scanners1 remotely, with the ability to install, configure, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your devices for increased productivity and cost savings. To better maximise efficiency, alerts can be set to inform necessary personnel on printer errors and replacement of consumables.

  1. Networked Business Inkjet Pro & Laser printers/MFPs, Business Scanners and Large Format Printers

View, analyse and manage your printer fleet centrally from one intuitive interface.

With Epson Device Admin, the troublesome task of managing and monitoring your printer and scanner fleet becomes easy. It is compatible with a large range of networked printers and scanners, and views everything via one smart and intuitive interface.

Monitor and manage networked printing and scanning fleets, regardless of their size

With network management utilities, tool consistency – using the same tool for a wide range of uses - can save time and reduce operator confusion. This single solution allows our business customers to remotely install, configure, monitor, maintain, troubleshoot, and help secure their printing and imaging environment.

In addition, this innovative Epson solution helps to increase end-user productivity by maximising device uptime and proactively solving problems. It also makes it easy to build a device inventory with the number and types of devices as well as their installed options.

Save time and costs

Epson Device Admin enables IT admin to manage their devices in groups based on their needs. For example, it is possible to organise devices by department, device type and location.

Compatible with a large range of networked printers and scanners

Most networkable Epson models were supported at the launch of Epson Device Admin, including ink tank system printers, business inkjet printers, laser printers, large format printers and scanners. This list continues to grow as more products are launched by Epson.

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Gain efficiency with an intuitive interface

Epson Device Admin offers an intuitive user interface that quickly performs complex operations. The user interface is designed to be efficient and intuitive, limiting the number of steps required to complete a task and streamlining software operation.

Automatic Alert and Reporting Function

IT administrator can be the first to be alerted in instances such as paper jam, paper out, supplies level low, supplies level warning and service call problem. It helps to reduce downtime and ease users' frustration. IT administrator can customise usage report types and frequencies based on their needs. For example, it is possible to gather reports on a timely basis, based on devices, peak timings, supplies and consumables level.
Dealers that implement this solution can use this for Manage Print Services (MPS). For example, dealers can receive monthly report to bill customers based on their monthly usage.


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  • Easy control of device fleets

    From the Epson Device Admin console, IT managers can view detailed information on each device, such as network connectivity, consumable levels and impression counts. Automatic reports and alerts can be set up for more advanced control of device usage and status.

  • Seamless configuration of large fleets

    Alerts can be sent to an email within the company or an external vendor.

  • Billing Reports for Managed Print Services (MPS)

    Reports can be scheduled and sent to a dealer at regular intervals with the required information (i.e A4 colour, A4 mono, A3 colour and A3 mono) during the period of the contract.

  • History Report

    EDA creates a databse of networkable device usage in the network. With this database, EDA can generate reports and maintain an archive of past reports.

  • Save time

    EDA can help save you time with its ability to discover new devices, quickly and easily set groups, their related monitoring functions, and configure or change device network settings for initial deployment or after installation.

  • Gain visibility with advanced reporting

    For IT managers and CIOs that want to stay in control of budgets and on-going costs, Epson Device Admin’s advanced reporting tools can identify the following: "What is colour vs. black-and-white usage? Are devices over- or under-utilised? Is usage increasing or decreasing month-to-month?"

  • Flexible group management for devices

    Create a device’s group based on its location, type or model for easy management and asset-tracking purposes.

  • Wide compatibility with Epson products

    Enjoy a consistent fleet management experience across your Epson devices thanks to EDA compatibility with selected Epson networkable ink tank system printers, business inkjet printers, laser printers, large format printers and scanners

  • Supported Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2