Epson Connect

    FAQ: Scan to Cloud

  • Q1: How do I add another printer to my Epson Connect account? 

  • Q2: How do I enable Epson Connect for my printer (Windows)?

  • Q3: How do I enable Epson Connect for my printer (Mac)?

  • Q4: How do I install and activate Scan to Cloud and Remote Print?

  • Q5: How many destinations can I create in Scan to Cloud? 

  • Q6: An error message from the recipient is printed.

  • Q7: How can we verify that the scan data has been sent?

  • Q8: There is no error response of a failed transmission.

  • Q9: Scan to cloud destination is a printer from another manufacturer and the printer does not print the scanned data.

  • Q10: The printer does not print any reply from the recipient's email address.

  • Q11: How do I stop the printing of any reply from the destination email address or the error notification e-mail?

  • Q12: Poor print quality of the scanned image.