Epson offers a range of tools to convert your scanned documents to high quality images for archiving or improve processing accuracy, such as recognition and data extraction.

  • Advanced PDF Features
  • Auto Area Segmentation
  • Auto rotation
  • Automatic Paper Size Detection
  • Automatic Stitching
  • Book Spine Correction
  • Colour Dropout / Enhance
  • Correct Document Skew
  • Create Searchable PDF
  • Descreening
  • Dual Image Output
  • Edge Fill
  • Remove Punch Holes
  • Skip Blank Pages
  • Text Enhancement
Advanced PDF Features

Users can save scans PDF files with a host of features including

  • Securing your PDF files by setting a password to open the file.

  • Prevent unauthorised editing or printing using Protect Property settings.

  • Generating PDF/A files.

Security Features

Auto Area Segmentation

Auto Area Segmentation function allows separate scanning of both image and text in a document.

  • Automatically detects and scans text in B&W mode and images in Halftone.

  • Gives clear text quality while preserving image details.
Auto Area Segmentation Off
Auto Area Segmentation On
Auto rotation

Epson Scan can rotate a document automatically by detecting the orientation of text using OCR capability.

  • Requires Epson Scan OCR Component to be installed.

Automatic Paper Size Detection

This feature allows users to scan documents of different sizes. Epson Scan will automatically detect and scan everything in the correct size, all in a single batch.

Automatic Stitching

With the automatic stitching function in Epson Scan, A3 size documents can now be scanned in a single pass. Once scanned, both halves of the image will be reproduced as an entire image.

  • Carrier Sheet is required for GT-S55 and GT-S85.

Book Spine Correction

Reduce gutter shadows and distortions near to the book spine in the scanned images.

Colour Dropout / Enhance

Remove or enhance the visibility of ink signatures such as "Confidential" and "Urgent" stamps. Users can pick one of the preset colours (red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or all colours except black), or use the customised settings to dropout or enhance up to 5 colours of your choice with a single scan.

Customisable colour dropout/enhance menu

Example of red colour dropout

Example of red colour enhance

Correct Document Skew

Automatically straighten skewed images.

Correct Document Skew off Correct Document Skew on
Create Searchable PDF

The Built-in OCR allows scanned documents to be created as searchable PDF files.

Original document
Searchable PDF

Remove moiré patterns from images automatically when scanning materials from a printing press.

The following type of documents can be supported:

  • General documents

  • Newspaper (85lpi)

  • Magazine (133lpi)

  • Fine Prints (175lpi)

Dual Image Output

The Dual Image Output allows the creation of two different files in a single scan, for example Colour / Mono.

User is able to define separate settings for:

  • Resolution

  • Image Type

  • Image Option

  • Edge Fill

  • File Format
Edge Fill

Fill in the edges of the scanned documents with a black or white border.

Edge Fill Off

Edge Fill White

Edge Fill Black

Remove Punch Holes

Automatically remove the punch holes from the scanned images with this function.

Remove punch holes offRemove punch holes on
Skip Blank Pages

Reduce workflow by removing the blank pages automatically from your batch scanning.

Text Enhancement

The Text Enhancement feature improves the sharpness of text when scanning text documents.

  • Better clarity for improving OCR accuracy.

  • Reduced show-through when scanning documents printed on both sides.

Text Enhancement Off
Text Enhancement On


Enhance the color of your photographs with these photo scanning solutions.

  • Backlight Correction
  • Color Restoration
  • Digital ICE
  • Dust Removal
  • Grain Reduction
  • Professional Mode
Backlight Correction

Adjust the brightness of the images which are darkened due to backlighting.

Colour Restoration

Restores colours of faded photos and film.

Digital ICE

Digital ICE Technology is an advanced, yet easy-to-use hardware-based film and photo defect removal feature that is found in Epson’s photo scanners.

  • For photo prints, the scanner scans the original using 2 light sources from different directions to detect the position of the dust and scratches for removal.

  • For film scanning, the scanner scans the original using an infrared light source to detect the position of the dust and scratches for removal.
Dust Removal

Use software-based detection to reduce dust and scratches from your film & photo scans.

Grain Reduction

Reduces film grain in the output images for film scanning.

Professional Mode

Use these advanced features to fine tune your settings before proceeding with your scan:

  • Histogram

  • Image Adjustment

  • Tone Correction

  • Colour Palette


Image Adjustment

Tone Correction

Color Palette