Masters of Performance

The Best in Its Class Unbeaten Specifications

Wide Lens Shift

The extended maximum vertical and horizontal lens shifts enhance the ease and versatility of projector and screen placement.

EasyMP Monitor &
Message Broadcasting

EasyMP monitors and manages the performance and health of projectors from a single PC, improving the ease of maintenance. Message broadcasting allows messages to be sent to any projector on a network simultaneously, useful for both instant communication and emergencies.

3LCD Technology

3LCD technology produces a full colour image by projecting through 3 individual LCD panels (Red, Green, Blue) and combining them via a prism. This produces a vibrant image which has equal white and colour brighteness.

Front row seat to the performance of a lifetime

Colour Brightness

Using 3LCD technology which uses 3 separate chips for each primary colour, high colour brightness of up to 11,000 lumens is produced, to create even more vibrant and realistic colours.

Super Resolution Technology

Image data is processed frame by frame, delivering razor-sharp images for rapid motion and even when projecting low-resolution content onto large screens.


Epson's inorganic high reliability panel with Auto Iris delivers an incredible 5,000:1 contrast ratio and automatically adjusts for optimal clarity, producing vivid images and a smoother presentation.

Frame Interpolation

Frame Interpolation Technology eliminates motion blurring by inserting new frames between original ones, creating smoother motion transition and sharper playback.
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and corner projection
Deliver Vivid Images Boasting an Epson first, with impressive high colour. Deliver Vivid Images brightness of up to 11,000 lumens.
Flexible Projection Damage-free portrait projection that’s first in its class, along with 360° projection, interchangeable lens and wide lens shift range.
Durable By Design With Epson optimised cooling system, the projectors have long-lasting performance for 24/7 usage.


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