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Myth: A television is just as good as a projector?

Truth: Love to watch movies at the cinema for that big-screen, surround-sound experience? Experience the same exhilarating theatre experience in the comfort of your home with our home projectors.

What's more, watching from a projection screen is less stressful on the eyes as the light reflection is not as strong as that of a conventional television screen.

Myth: The projector has a lamp life and it is very costly to change a projector lamp

Enjoy larger screen size at a pocket-friendlier pricing with our home projectors.

Expensive lamps are a thing of the past. With lamp life of up to 5,000 hours, you will only need to change the lamp after 2.5 years for a 5-hour daily projector usage.

Myth: I cannot easily see the whole screen and have to turn my head from left to right to follow the action.

Easily adjust your preferred viewing screen size, ranging from 60-inches to more than 100-inches. With only 3-meter distance, you can create a 100-inch screen.

Myth: I do not have a large blank or white wall that I can use for installing a projector screen

It is possible to have a pull-down screen or a portable screen which can be kept away when not in use.

Myth: I need to shut off all natural and electrical light sources to comfortably watch a projection screen.

With white and colour brightness of up to 2,400 lumens in our range of home projectors, you no longer need to darken the room in order to comfortably view what’s on the screen.

Myth: Installing a projector means a lot of messy cables especially in a home that is already renovated.

Epson's home projectors can be set up anywhere in a room and can be easily connected to your smart devices. There is also a model that offers a WirelessHD function for wireless uncompressed Full HD quality movies.

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