Types of Training Programs

Epson Singapore offered the following training courses:

Epson Robot Basic Operation, Maintenance & Programming Course
To be familiarize with Epson robot interface software. Learn to control the robot and develop routines for the robot to perform pick & place operations.

Epson Vision System Integration Course
Understand the environment impact to vision system, and learn to use the different objects that teach the robot to “see”.

Conveyor Tracking Integration Course
Know the different type of conveyor systems. Learn to calibrate and configure between the conveyor, vision and robot. Develop a program to identify part(s), and instruct the robot to pick accurately from a moving conveyor.

Epson Robot Basic Maintenance Course
Train students on Epson robot & controller general maintenance, inspection procedure and periodic maintenance schedule. In these classes, students will have practical experience on battery change, robot calibration and error recovery procedures.

Epson Robot Advance Maintenance Course
Enhancement training for student who had completed Basic Maintenance Course, students will actually tear apart a robot and then put it back together again.