At Epson, we provide the best technology through our products. Whether it is through impact printing, computer printing, or digital printing, Epson products and genuine supplies work together in perfect synergy to give you peace of mind with optimal quality printouts.

Flawless Results For Life

Flawless Results For Life

Epson printers, inks and media work together to deliver unrivalled results that are fade-resistant for up to 300 years*.

You rely on your photos to keep your memories fresh, so why compromise them? With Epson, your treasured memories live on as photos printed using Claria Premium Ink or Claria Photographic Ink last up to 300 years in a photo album*.

* Print performance ratings are based on accelerated testing of prints on specialty media stored in archival sleeves in album storage. Actual print stability will vary according to the media, printed image, display conditions, light intensity, humidity, and atmospheric factors.

Ink Cartridge Technology

From SmartValve Control, that regulates the pressure with which ink is released, and air chambers and filters that ensure no ink is leaked, to smart Intellidge chips that inform you when ink levels are running low, our cartridges are designed to work with and protect your printer, providing you with the best possible prints.

Ink Cartridge Technology
Clean Room Assembly

Clean Room Assembly

Manufactured in pristine environments and vacuum-sealed, our inks are free from air bubbles, dust and contaminants that could otherwise damage the printhead in your printer.

They are also housed in cartridges made from materials that are chemically stable and compatible with the ink, ensuring there is no risk from chemical reactions that could result in print issues or compromise your printer.

Epson Genuine Ink

Some things work better together. That's why Epson offers the complete printing solution of printer, ink and media.

Epson inks are specifically designed to work with Epson printers. They are produced following stringent quality control standards that enable Epson to guarantee the optimum performance of the printer, ink and media. As it's not possible to test and evaluate all non-genuine inks, any malfunctions caused as a result of using these inks may invalidate the printer warranty.

Using Genuine Ink Cartridge will ensure:

Epson Genuine Ink

Superior Print Quality

Epson inks are the highest quality inks designed specifically to work with your printer hardware, and to deliver stable, long-lasting, photographic quality that cannot be matched by non-genuine inks.

Higher Page Yield

Genuine inks are made specially to produce the highest quality prints per cartridge, ensuring your photos always look impeccable.

No Ink Leakage

Expect a smooth printing experience every time, as Epson genuine products do not cause leakage of ink thanks to the brand's superior production.

Flawless Printhead Performance

For an uninterrupted printing process, trust in Epson inks. They work perfectly with the intricate Epson Micro Piezo printhead.

Home Printing

Home Printing

Business Printing

Business Printing

Professional Printing

Professional Printing

Epson Ink Range

Epson has a complete line-up of inks that promise high quality, durable prints with superb economy. Whether you are a home user looking for fuss-free prints or a professional photographer with stringent colour reproduction requirements, Epson has the right type of ink to suit your printing needs.

Epson Paper

Developed specially to complement Epson genuine inks, Epson high-quality specialty media produce exceptionally great prints as they have a much wider colour representation over other paper.

A whole range of special media is available for different printing purposes, from Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper for lab-quality photos, to Photo Quality Glossy Paper to meet your everyday needs; from Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer Paper for personalising shirts, to Photo Quality Inkjet Paper that are great for business presentations.

Whatever your printing needs, only genuine Epson media and ink guarantee beautiful and long-lasting quality prints always.

Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper with wider colour representation:

Epson Paper
Epson Genuine Ribbons

Epson Genuine Ribbons

Epson is committed to providing users with genuine products that deliver the best results.

Here are six reasons why you should only use Epson genuine ribbons.

Save Money By Total Costs Of Ownership

Consumers believe that they are saving costs when they purchase non-genuine ribbons. However, did you know that doing so actually results in a higher ownership cost? On the other hand, Epson’s internal testing shows that using Epson genuine ribbons reduces your total cost of ownership by 60%!

Our internal test also demonstrates that the use of non-genuine ribbons causes frequent printhead repair and replacement as compared to Epson genuine ribbons*. The actual cost of Epson genuine ribbons is in fact 2.4 times cheaper than non-genuine ribbons, taking into account all repair and replacement costs. **

* Based on Epson internal testing on the LQ2180 impact printer.
** Based on Epson customer service replacement in Singapore.

Protect Your Assets And Prolong Your Printer Lifespan

Buy Epson genuine ribbons to safeguard your assets. With a long-term investment in Epson genuine ribbons, you can ensure exquisite print quality and prolong the lifespan of your Epson printer while contributing to your business.

Increase Business Productivity By Minimising Downtime

Imagine the disruption to your workflow productivity if your printer fails while you are struggling to meet a deadline. Based on Epson’s internal testing on LQ-680, Epson genuine ribbons achieved a 0% defective rate compared with non-genuine ribbons.

Good And Consistent Quality

While non-genuine ribbons fade and wobble, Epson genuine ribbons maintain print consistency over time and ensure that your prints are of high quality.

Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

The good quality fabric and sophisticated design in Epson genuine ribbons reduce twisting, loosening and jamming problems.

Environmentally Friendly And Non-Hazardous

Epson genuine ribbons comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) guidelines, which ensure that hazardous substances are not used. Some non-genuine ribbons do not comply with these guidelines and may contain substances that are harmful to you and the environment.

Look for the Genuine Epson Colour Shifting Label on the packaging to ensure you are using an authentic Epson product.

How To Spot Genuine Supplies

Find your ink, toner or paper by your cartridge/printer number.

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