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    FAQ: Epson Print Enabler

  • Q1: Which Epson printers are supported?

  • Q2: What is Epson Print Enabler used for?

  • Q3: Which devices can I use?

  • Q4: Which applications can I print from?

  • Q5: How do I set up Print Enabler on my device?

  • Q6: How do I print using the "Epson Print Enabler"?

  • Q7: I have installed Epson Print Enabler from Google Play, but I cannot print using Epson Print Enabler with my Wi-Fi connection enabled.

  • Q8: I debate whether I should use "Epson Print Enabler" or "Epson iPrint". What is the merit and demerit of each?

  • Q9: Which type of media and paper sizes are supported?

  • Q10: What are the available printer settings?

  • Q11: Which languages does Epson Print Enabler support?

  • Q12: Which kind of files can I print?